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WebChisler Internet Services
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What Kind Of Businesses Need Websites?
Truth is, nowadays virtually every business can benefit from having a website, even if it contains only a single page. Remember window shopping? Its done online now. Many people turn to the internet FIRST before ever making a decision of where to shop, even if it is local. After all, why waste time, gas and energy with all the driving and walking around when the same thing can be done while relaxing in a recliner and sipping a cup of coffee in pajamas?

No matter what size or type, if your business doesn't have a website, you are missing out on sales. You are also potentially losing some of your current customers and clients to your competitors that do have websites. The perception of the internet has changed dramatically over the past several years. Even as recently as the turn of the millenium, people didn't know how to react to businesses that had "web pages". Now, ten years later, many of those same people don't like dealing businesses without a website. The ease and privacy of pre-screening and sorting through choices of businesses and viewing their products from the comfort of home has taken "window shopping" to a whole new level. It gives the shopper a more secure feeling by having an opportunity to learn about your business before they decide where to spend their hard-earned money.

How Can WebChisler Help Your Business?
Since 1997, WebChisler Internet Services has been helping businesses of all sizes develop an online presence with professional website design and development, graphics and logo creation, search engine optimization services, and internet marketing strategies. Our portfolio includes a wide range of sites, from small, single page mom & pop sites to large information and e-commerce sites that host hundreds of products and pages. No matter how small your business, or how meager your budget, we have a plan that will help you without breaking your bank.

During our early years, the internet was still a vast frontier and software used to develop websites was extremely limited. Many of our sites were, and still are, hard-coded in HTML. While it tends to be more labor intensive to build sites in this manner, we are pleased with the fact that our "old-fashioned" techniques and methods will never be out-dated, and the extra effort it takes makes our sites favored among the most popular search engines, placing nearly every site we make at the tops of their results pages.

Although our primary focus has always been on the small business community and basic web design, our business has evolved with the times. We've partnered ourselves with several other area IT professionals, and have now expanded our range of services to include SQL database programming, PHP scripting, content management, networking, computer troubleshooting, repair services, and more. Whatever your needs, call WebChisler Internet Services today and find out how we can help your small business grow!


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