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WebChisler Internet Services
28 Park Avenue West, Suite 403 (Chase Tower) ~ Mansfield, Ohio 44902  /  (419) 528-8457




WebChisler Internet Services began in the mid 1990s when the internet was still a vast, unkown frontier referred to as the Information Superhighway, and the high-tech modems of the day allowed users to scream along at a whopping 14.4 KB per second. Bob Crider, owner of the business, developed an interest in website design and internet marketing when he discovered that this new thing called the "World Wide Web" could be used as a marketing tool to sell merchandise. Knowing this, Bob set out to discover the secrets of how to build a website, draw traffic to it, and encourage complete strangers to buy novelty and gift items from him. He soon discovered that it looked much easier than it actually was.

In those pioneer days, most websites were crudely built and there were very few people who actually understood HTML or how to write it. Software for building websites was still being developed, so all of the coding that went into producing a web page had to be done by hand. The process was slow and tedious, and even at best, the results were far from superior quality. Visitors to primitive websites were also severely limited in the amount of interaction available as well, and security was pretty much non-existent. There was no video, very little audio, and graphics were mostly static except for an occasional animated GIF. E-mail service was also crude, and most interaction with other users was done through bulletin boards. Having an e-mail address was virtually unheard of and considered somewhat of a geek status symbol among most people.

Fortunately, things have improved dramatically over the years, and websites have become much more user-friendly on both ends. Nearly anyone can build a website nowadays with the dozens of software programs that have evolved, and visitors to those sites can interact much more freely and securely. Files can be uploaded and downloaded, e-mail has become more common than "snail mail", people make "friends" with other people they will likely never meet face-to-face, and "the web" as we know it now has evolved into one huge internet family of websites. WebChisler Internet Services has been there all along the way to witness and assist in this transformation to what we now hail as a Global Community.

Our knowledge and abilities have grown along with the internet, and we are ready to put all of those years of experience to work for you. Every business, from the smallest mom & pop shop to the largest corporation, can benefit from the advantages of having a professionally designed and marketed website to compliment their brick and mortar operations. Whether you are looking for a simple web presence to enhance your Main Street storefront, or have much higher demands that require intensive scripting and programming services, our team of skilled IT professionals are eager to put their years of education and experience to work for your business.


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